Another African Story

Documentary 52 minutes
A production Oyibo Productions (Italy 2005)
Written, directed and produced by Emanuele Piano
Director of Photography and Images by Marco Ricchello
Original Soundtrack Davide Fiorentini

XI Premio Ilaria Alpi for independent production
Aired by
Rai3 (Italy)
RaiNews24 (Italy)
World Premiere Amnesty International Film Festival (Netherlands)
XI Premio Ilaria Alpi (Italy)
Jacksons Hole Film Festival (Usa)
Human Rights Nights 2005 (Italy)
Rome Independent Film Festival (Italy)
Umanitaria 2005 (Italy)

Darfur, a region in Western Sudan, has emerged as the "world's worst humanitarian crisis" according to the UN. A bloody conflict has erupted in the area in February 2003 when two rebel groups took up arms against the Sudanese government, which responded by bombing villages and killing innocent civilians with the aid of an irregular mercenary militia called
Janjaweed. This is the story of people fleeing from a conflict that doesn't spare anyone and taking refuge in Chad. But, it is also the tale of the rebels fighting inside Darfur for their right to development and political representation. Maybe it is a situation like others, one which we could bluntly label as Another African story. But can we get used to genocide?

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