The Other Mexico

Written and directed by FRANCESCA NAVA
Produced by OYIBO PRODUCTIONS, TELEMACO and Francesca Nava
Duration: 50’
At doc for sale Idfa 2007

Everybody knows him by his battle name: Sub-commander Marcos, the hooded guerrilla fighter that, since 13 years ago, is leading a fight for the rights of Mexican indigenous people. After 5 years of silence and isolation in his headquarter on the mountains of south-east Mexico – went public with a political campaign parallel to the election campaign for Mexican presidential elections on july 2, 2006.
This is The Other Campaign: a caravan of supporters of the Zapatista movement that during 2006 went through all the states of the Mexican federation. Goal: to spread the zapatista fight to the Mexican civil society, to create links among all the fighting movements, in order to build a grassroot social movement that can send a strong message to the powerful elites, completely deaf to the needs of indigenous, alienated and destitute Mexicans.

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