Footage Archive

- Kenya, 2003. Somali refugees waiting to return in a stateless country.
- Algeria, 2004. Western Sahara refugees, people without a State since 1975

War and terrorism
- Iraq, 2003. Iraqi Kurdistan post Saddam Hussein. The threat of terrorist group, Ansar al Islam
- Chad/Sudan, 2004. The Darfur conflict through refugees and rebel groups
- Mexico, 2006. The Zapatista Subcomandante Marcos and his alternative electoral campaign
- Somalia, 2007. The endless Somali crisis from Islamist rule to Ethiopian occupation

Africa and Politics
- Nigeria, 2003. The case of Amina Lawal and the introduction of Sharia law
- Burkina Faso, 2005. The legacy of Thomas Sankara
- Niger, 2005. Roots of a food crisis in the world’s poorest country

Africa and Culture
- Burkina Faso, 2005. Fespaco 2005, Africa main Cinema festival
- Mali, 2006. The first World Social Forum in Africa. Banques Culturelles, a different approach
to saving African cultural heritage

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